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Fiber \'enlightened\' global network

In 1966, Charles Kuen Kao and George Hockman, two young engineers in the telecommunications room thinghiem Standard (UK), has announced promising new discoveries vekha function of the fiber photosynthesis - the fiberglass or plastic transparent linhhoat and a hair thinner.

Meanwhile, the use of fiber optics to transmit information larat limited. A message is converted into light pulses, di chuyendoc by fiber optics to score the other end. However, we can only diduoc a short distance before the light began to disappear. This lahien reduce the intensity of each dB / km (dB - Abbreviation of decibel-the unit of sound intensity). Charles Kao have observed the capacity of a soiquang gigaheztz (GHz) information - equivalent voi200 TV channels or 200,000 telephone line. He noticed that the light speed dathoat 1000 dB / km, meaning that signals not only to motnua whether to move several meters .

After several days research, Dr. Kao discovered rarang status on a non-capital nature of fiberglass has some defects maboi Dolls n in the material. If you remove the problem dedo, the rate of loss of light is reduced to acceptable level is 20 dB / km.

Kao's conclusion sounds like "wild street" should ongphai pressure is very high. "My wife always frustrating for me late trienmien. When I told her that this would be a project causing shock the thegioi, she never expressed such a belief. I understand you're in the right huongnhung will be trying to convince many new industries trentoan world " , Kao said.

John Midwinter, an expert in fiber optics at hocLondon, also recounted: "Many people only laugh when happy duoccong material published. They thought for a minute any luck, he reached 20 decibel.

Forever 4 years later (1970), Corning Glass Works, manufacturers cuaMy ceramics and glass, suddenly announced they have built a fiber breaks limit 20 dB (17 dB / km). "Corning research quality silica while the Left focuses tykhac stage filter glass. Chonhuong company succeeded to the individual", Jeff Hecht, author City of Light: The Story of Fiber Optics,

Last 70 years, the telecommunications company decided to deploy and use dungcong technology. Fiber optic network began popular in cities also nhuduoi oceans but only do so in the 1990 revolution.

Internet technology has made real bungno fiber. "Fiber is the basis of Internet and Wi-Fi. Now, all businessmen with the LAN are using it. People also due to cable quangmoi sending e-mail, SMS, photos, videos and other data files, Philip Hargrave, experts in communications solutions provider thongNortel, commented.

Fiber also plays an important role in areas such as nhieulinh television network and IPTV in the future it will be the head cotcua home entertainment network.


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